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The costs cited for a trip are on the high side, just to be safe. The point is they are an estimate. Final tally for a trip can fluctuate a lot between different individuals because of the price of airline tickets.

Ideally, team rosters will be between 15- 25 persons. First priority is to have volunteers travel to the same destination as friends, family or staff. Second priority is to try and satisfy destination preferences. (This is why you are asked to list three potential locations and dates.) Third priority is to try and balance the teams as best as possible considering the skill sets of the volunteers.

There are a lot of potential destinations this rotation. Five of them are going to be a first time missions to new locations. Moving forward to actually confirm a team roster is dependant on volunteer interest. As well, there are a few destinations where KIA has sent a team for years, and that will remain a priority in placement of personnel. Dave Maskell VP KIA

You have to book your airline tickets through the designated KIA travel agent. Sorry, no airmiles.

Charitable receipts are made out to the name on the cheque.

Any payments made by a clinic for their staff, are non-transferable to another staff member.

Being chosen for a KIA team is a privilege, not a right. Completion and submission of a Destination Preference Form with the $150.00 donation to cover the administration fee does not guarantee placement on a KIA team roster. Your $150.00 donation, like any donation to a registered charity, is non-refundable.

For Morocco, Northern India and Yunnan province, all three expeditions that leave in late 2019, registration deadline is June 7, 2019. Team rosters will be announced June 14th, 2019.

For all of the other excursions, that depart in 2020, registration deadline is July 10, 2019, and teams will be chosen by August 1, 2019.

Before applying, please read the Memorandum of Understanding and fully comprehend its contents.

Please note that you will be required to create a login in order to enroll. This is consistent with most sites for which you submit applications and payments. Your login will be valid for consecutive years. In this manner you can be assured that your application has been submitted correctly and can review the information you had submitted. As well you will be able to see your online donation receipt. Additionally this will allow trip organizers to communicate more effectively with applicants.

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