Volunteer checking a lady in a wheelchair

With good hearts and a lot of humility, we do what we can with what we have. We work cooperatively alongside host grassroots organizations; for most of these communities it is their only opportunity in a year to receive any kind of care.

On each weekly project, we are able to help approximately 500 people, performing examinations, extractions, restorations, cleanings and fabricating dentures. The guiding principle for our treatment programs is the relief of pain for the greatest number of people. This is balanced with prevention, dispensing toothbrushes and individual and school hygiene instruction.

Comprehensive community based prevention programs are being developed and implemented. These include the training of local people as dental health promoters. In addition, we have been able to support many small education, agricultural and health initiatives. We are encouraged by the progress we see and the difference we feel we are making.

It takes only a moment to perform a kindness, but its effect can last a lifetime.

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