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Patient papers by a package of medical gloves

Kindness in action has now participated in 30 plus years of service to communities, so much in need. I have participated for 20 years, it has changed my life profoundly and has enriched my life so greatly. It opened my eyes to appreciate how lucky I am to have been born in Canada and to have had the opportunities I have been blessed with in life.

With so many big hearts and kind people in our membership I have found that we really can make a difference in the lives of many. I am always so touched at the gratitude expressed from the patients.

Our membership has continued to grow and we continually get interest in new people joining as word spreads about how truly rewarding this experience can be, to give the most basic of care to people that wouldn’t otherwise receive it. The days are long, conditions often difficult and we work very hard. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Our board has been going steady after transitioning from one man, Amil Shapka, to now 5 members. Tina Ross as acting President, doing the newsletters and administrative projects. Dave Maskell with the daunting task of team organizer. Tim Nawrot as treasurer, Mebs Sayani as secretary, Kelsey Yaremko as director and Hygiene co-ordinator.

We are always evolving and adjusting the roles that each of us play to try and improve the KIA machine. Our depot also moved and the operation is now run by Jackie Fonger in Calgary. We thank Sinclair for their ongoing support in repairing and maintaining our equipment.

Thanks to our dedicated Casino Committee, we had another successful casino, raising much needed funds to fuel our future activities. As always we are so appreciative of the generosity of our many annual donors and volunteers.

We remain entirely volunteer based. 2020 will also bring new project partners. This year we have committed to 16 projects in 8 countries, providing close to 350 volunteers the opportunity to work from the heart. Much has changed and much has remained the same...

Tina Ross

It takes only a moment to perform a kindness, but its effect can last a lifetime.

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